How is NBFC Different from a Bank?

In this article, we will discuss the key differences between NBCF and Bank. Both act as financial intermediaries and offer fairly similar services. But, there are many points of difference....

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Buy NBFC Company

Buy NBFC in India There are many entities or business houses finds it difficult to obtain NBFC license due to the heavy RBI compliances for this now they are opting...

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How to Prepare Business For Sale

Prepare Business For Sale Over the last few years, we have worked with the many business owners. From our experience, we can give some expert tips. In the process of...

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Identification of Potential Buyer

It can be very difficult or confusing for a small business owner to understand how to sell the business in case of first time. For sellers, the main common questions...

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Before Buying a Business, Due-Diligence is Done

Due-Diligence In India, for buying, selling or investing in a business we come across with the term ‘due-diligence’. In order to ascertain the true worth of a business, investigation or...

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